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The hotel is defined by the wood of the Norway spruce (Picea abies), the most common tree species in Slovenia, which also grows in nearby Pokljuka. According to an ancient popular belief, the spruce is able to draw out human diseases. Spruce needles, resin, amber, and essential oil are used in naturopathy and in our wellness treatments. Experience the beneficial power of the spruce in your room and make the most of it in the baths, massage therapies, and relaxation rituals in our wellness centre. Book your room at the Rikli Balance Hotel! >>

Room of the Carniolan Honey Bee

Gorenjska is famous for its beekeeping. In the rooms of the Carniolan honey bee, an indigenous Slovenian honey bee, the yellowish tapestries symbolise the honey, while the hexagons carved in wood represent the honeycomb. The bees make honeycomb to store nectar, honey, and pollen. The Carniolan honey bee is an exceptional gatherer of honey, which has beneficial effects on health and well-being. Treat yourself to local honey at breakfast, to honey dough biscuits at reception, and to a honey treatment in the wellness centre to renew your skin and restore its youthful glow. Book your room at the Rikli Balance Hotel! >>

Room of the Honey Dough Heart

The production of honey dough hearts used to be a very common tradition in Gorenjska. Young men would give a beautifully decorated red heart to their chosen ones as a token of their love. The Gingerbread Heart rooms highlight the story of love, symbolised by stylised hearts carved into wood and dark red tapestries. Honey dough made from flour, water and honey is used to create decorative pastries. A large variety of honey dough items are still made at the Honey Dough Museum in nearby Radovljica. A honey dough heart is one of the most recognisable souvenirs from the region. Book your room at the Rikli Balance Hotel! >>

Arnold Rikli Regeneration Rooms

In the 19th century a Swiss healer, Arnold Rikli, visited Bled to recover with the help of the fresh air, enchanting nature, and a beneficial climate with plenty of sun. To help others, he founded a natural health resort. The Rikli regeneration rooms use chromotherapy with coloured light and natural materials such as wool, wood, and moss for total regeneration. 100% natural materials such as wool and wood are used for comfort, while chromotherapy with red, white, blue, and green light has a cleansing, relaxing, harmonising and reinvigorating effect. One part of the Rikli regeneration rooms has moss on the wall to purify the air and contribute to total regeneration of the body and the spirit. Book your room at the Rikli Balance Hotel! >>

Room od the Traditional Gorenjska Embroideries

Embroidery as a way of decorating fabrics has a rich tradition in Gorenjska. One of the frequently used patterns has been captured in the carvings in the rooms dedicated to traditional Gorenjska Embroideries. The most popular motifs for embroidery were initials and the famous Gorenjska carnation. Today, embroidered napkins, sheets, pillow covers and towels are a real rarity and belong among the most prestigious traditional decorative items in the region. Book your room at the Rikli Balance Hotel! >>

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