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New Stories to Excite You!

We at Sava Hotels & Resorts know that you expect an unforgettable vacation experience. And we know how to bring it to life. That is why in 2018, we are preparing many novelties that will further increase the quality of our offer. They are already helping us to create even more impressive stories just for you. For your health and wellbeing. For your body and soul. For new adventures and new unforgettable moments!

Terme 3000 - Moravske Toplice

Hotel Ajda swimming pool

The pool complex is a new chapter in the Hotel Ajda story of buckwheat, a grain that has been cultivated in Prekmurje for over 500 years. Buckwheat will stay with you at every step – in the pillows for a more restful sleep, in gastronomy for a richer flavour, and everywhere in the hotel for a delicate touch. Much like the hotel, the hotel’s pool complex will be themed around buckwheat using natural materials and carefully selected interior design with special attention to detail.

Next to the central swimming pool, there will be a new pool filled with black thermal mineral water, two massage pools, and a larger children’s pool with play equipment. The renovated pool bar will offer refreshments, while guests will also be able to treat themselves to aromatherapy with Prekmurje herbs. The upper floor will be earmarked for relaxation at the Buckwheat Lounge with pillows filled with buckwheat hulls, which offer numerous advantages, from antibacterial effects and micromassage to calming and relaxing tension, alleviating migraines and regulating sweating. 

The world of saunas will be expanded with two new Finnish saunas offering programmes with Prekmurje herbs. Breaks during sauna sessions will be made more interesting too, be it in the dark on heated septarian nodules or in the rest area that opens onto the garden and the nearby meadow. For the braver guests there will be a refreshing cold water pool and snow/ice therapy.

Terme 3000 - Moravske Toplice

More about Ajda Prekmurje Village

15 new units in 4 houses will join the 6 existing freshly renovated houses with 23 units. Inspired by traditional thatched roof Prekmurje houses known as “cimprače”, the charming new houses in Ajda Prekmurje Village offer a relaxing holiday in the heart of nature.

The new buildings are covered with thatching and feature wooden elements, giving them a natural airiness and warmth. On the ground floor, large glass doors separate the living area from the terrace, letting in plenty of natural light. After a day filled with adventure, guests can rest peacefully on pillows filled with buckwheat hulls in the upstairs bedroom, which feature a double bed and two children’s beds.

The houses stand right next to the Terme 3000 water park. Situated in green surroundings, they are perfect for total relaxation in the heart of nature, amidst Prekmurje meadows with herbs and beneficial plants for your health and well-being. Inspired by stories from history and tradition, Ajda Prekmurje Village offers a genuine experience of Prekmurje, be it on the children’s playground, in the library under the trees, in the common picnic area, or on the barefoot trail.

Zdravilišče Radenci

Drinking lounge at the Hotel Radin

The mineral water from the Radenci health resort has a carbon dioxide content that places it among the richest mineral waters in Europe. It is rich in minerals that are essential for health and balance in the body. Radenci water is also used in mineral baths and drinking treatments.

The best-known drinking treatment was named after the Austrian balneologist Dr. Karl Henn, who discovered the Radenci spring in 1833. The Henn drinking treatment is highly recommended for its beneficial effects on low blood pressure and chronic constipation, as well as for preventing urinary calculi and osteoporosis.

At Zdravilišče Radenci, guests drink the healing mineral water directly from the healing spring in the Drinking Lounge. During your stay, it is recommended to drink the mineral water three times a day; guests drink almost 50,000 glasses of bubbly water yearly.
The renovation will make Hotel Radin’s Drinking Lounge much brighter, while the furnishing will offer our guests comfort at the highest level. Drinking mineral water from the Healing spring will become a special moment in the day when guests can relax and enjoy the healing bubbles.

More about Zdravilišče Radenci