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Congresses and conferences at Radenci

Conference capacities

Hotel Radin and Hotel Izvir

Lounge or hall Floor Naravna svetloba Length x width in m Height in m m2 Kino postavitev Razred I postavitev U postavitev Board postavitev (skupna miza)
Congress hall 0 / 20,80 x 11,50 2,50–7 239 230 80 60 60 50
Izvir Mezzanine of Hotel Izvir / 4 158,27 120 80 60 60 50
Radin Mezzanine of Hotel Radin / 13,40 x 6,80 2,5 91,12 50 40 40 40 42
Miral Mezzanine of Hotel Radin / 13,20 x 6,80 2,5 89,76 50 40 40 40 24
Spring 0 / 2,50–4 75 40 30 20 25 18



  • Hotel Izvir
    Hotel Izvir is a friendly and comfortable hotel that is connected to Hotel Radin. We recommend it to all business guests wanting to improve their well ...
  • Hotel Radin
    Hotel Radin is the central hotel of the Radenci Health Resort that awaits its guests by the rich mineral water springs, the green landscape of wheat f ...
Congresses, conferences and events

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