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Zdravilišče Radenci

Why choose Radenci?

Respect for the tradition of healing and the local environment

The town of Radenci has been shaped by the health resort for 135 years. The respect for this long-standing tradition can be felt in all facets of life there. Guests can see local attractions in the area of Radenci, while those who prefer a more active break from everyday life can also visit these attractions on a bicycle.

Dedicated MICE expert team

The ever-present team of business event experts will be with you at every step of the way throughout your event. Owing to their extensive experience and knowledge of the characteristics of the destination, the MICE team will be your go-to source of information and help. 

Destination in brief

The Radenci Health Resort helps improve the health and wellbeing of business guests.
An easily accessible hotel conference centre with 8 conference facilities
Cutting edge medico-wellness services
Home of CO2-rich Radenci mineral water
Modern technical equipment
135 years of tradition in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases

Let your event become an experience

  • Adrenaline challenges at the adventure park

    Lake Bukovnica, known for its energy points and healing water from the Vidov izvir spring, offers a magnificent backdrop for numerous team-based activities. Inject some adrenaline into your business gathering by having your team members jointly overcome the challenges of the Bukovniško jezero Adventure Park.

  • Rafting on the Mura River

    Experience the tranquillity and relaxation of the quiet Mura River. The slow movement of the river current will create a true Prekmurje experience suitable for even the most easy-going guests.

  • Boating with traditional "büjraška šefa" boats

    Another way to discover the Mura is on a traditional boat known as the "büjraška šefa". Afterwards, you can take your guests on the Springs of Life Trail, an 8 km trail that leads to seven separate mineral water springs in the Radenci area.

  • “Along the Mura by Bike” cycling event

    In June, cycling enthusiasts can take part in the cycling event entitled "Z biciklon kre Müre", discovering the natural and cultural sights, as well as the culinary delicacies of this region along the way.

  • Meet the local craftsmen
    Local craftsmen regularly exhibit their products at the health resort. Enjoy the taste of local wines, honey and oil and take some of these local delicacies home as well.



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  • Hotel Radin
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Mineral wellness

The Radenci Health Resort is famed for its thermal mineral water. The CO2-rich Radenci mineral bath helps with cardiovascular diseases, while drinking treatments are beneficial for metabolism problems. Give your business guests the opportunity during the business gathering to take the time and try one of the many health programmes offered by the health resort. Executive physicals are especially popular as the time to take them always runs out because of the fast pace of everyday life.
Congresses, conferences and events

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