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Terme Ptuj

Why choose Ptuj?

Slovenia’s oldest town with a vibrant local economy
Ptuj is a town with a rich culture and history and a mediaeval town centre that has been preserved almost in its entirety. It simultaneously offers a supportive environment for the development of SMEs and encourages the local entrepreneurial potential.
The centre of a rich winegrowing area
Ptuj lies at the heart of the picturesque area between Slovenske gorice and Haloze. It is also the town with one of the largest and oldest wine cellars in Slovenia.
In the footsteps of Roman tradition
The business world of today is as unforgiving as the arena of the Roman Coliseum used to be. Ptuj is pervaded with Roman tradition, which is also reflected in the gladiator-like dedication, courage, discipline and skill in the organisation of business events.

Destination in brief

Terme Ptuj hosts meetings with superlatives
5 conference facilities covers a total area of 1,273m2
The luxury of thermal water swimming pools
A colourful mosaic of options for the accompanying programme
A modern ambiance with a note of the history of ancient Rome
3 food and drink establishments with a varied offer
Rich experience in the organisation of large events (with an ancient Roman touch)

Let your event become an experience

  • Picnic in the style of ancient Rome
    Awaken the spirit of Roman soldiers in you and test yourself at the fun Roman games. Challenge other team members in various trials taking place in a relaxed atmosphere, while the richly stocked themed culinary stands are sure to make you feel like a Roman soldier.
  • Relaxation on golfing greens
    In the immediate vicinity of Terme Ptuj, you will find an idyllic 18-hole golf course. Learn the basics of golf and hone your tee off or challenge your business guests to a game.
  • Pinwheel of Health
    The Pinwheel of Health sprawls across the flatland of the Park Fortuna and symbolises the harmony between man, nature and the universe. Walk through the landscape pervaded by the enticing scent of lavender and learn about the effects of energy and relaxation techniques.
  • Roman feast
    Don the traditional Roman toga, discover the ancient flavours of the Roman period and sip the traditional Roman "Mulsum" while watching a show featuring Greco-Roman style wrestling. The events take place by the thermal water swimming pools, which you can dip into at any time during the event.
  • Health on a platter with the Be Fit programme
    Make sure there is healthy food available during the business event as well. In cooperation with the nutritionist Mojca Cepuš, we have prepared the Be Fit programme featuring healthy meals for a day full of energy and wellbeing. 



  • Grand Hotel Primus
    This modern hotel with the largest conference hall at the destination (up to 250 people) was designed with the historical image in mind and inspired b ...
Congresses, conferences and events

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