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Terme 3000 - Moravske Toplice

Why choose Moravske Toplice?

The relaxed environment of the Prekmurje plains
An intertwinement between the modern and the traditional, between playfulness and tranquillity. An ideal environment for a retreat and to focus on the business event contents.
The healing effects of the Pannonian mineral water springs
A treasure trove of health, wellbeing and numerous precious moments offered by Terme 3000. Discover the relaxing experiences with the beneficial effects of the black thermal mineral water.
Fusion of traditional and contemporary cuisine
Allow yourself to be seduced by the palette of gourmet flavours that stretches from traditional dishes to modern culinary superlatives or feel the winegrowing region with a tasting of excellent Prekmurje wines. Distinguished culinary masters will soothe your taste buds with an extraordinary selection of the Pannonian culinary landscape on every step of the way.
Experiences pervaded with tradition and hospitality
A slower tempo of life, the feel and warmth of home intertwined with traditional hospitality. Feel the characteristic lifestyle of the Prekmurje region for yourself. Let it awaken in you a new inspiration and focus for any business challenge.

Destination in brief

The genuine and relaxing thermal spa environment at Moravske Toplice is intertwined with the traditional warmth of Prekmurje.
6 conference facilities covering 597m2 within the scope of the hotel complex
Top level cuisine offering international dishes and local specialities
A modernly equipped and flexible conference centre
The luxury of relaxing wellness experiences and thermal swimming pools
A rich accompanying programme for socialising
Golfing greens in the immediate vicinity

Let your event become an experience

  • Adrenaline challenges at the adventure park
    Lake Bukovnica, known for its energy points and healing water from Vidov izvir spring, offers a magnificent backdrop for numerous team-based activities. Inject some adrenaline into your business gathering by having your team members jointly overcome the challenges of the Bukovniško jezero Adventure Park.
  • A trip with the Dimek old-timers
    Transfer part of your business gathering to the surrounding countryside and get to know some of the history of the region. Mount the Dimek old-timer bicycles and ride along the trails where the past and present intertwine into wonderful stories and vistas.
  • Recharge
    Learn breathing exercises that will help you inhale fresh life energy. Improve your vitality using techniques based on correct breathing such as yoga, qi gong and kundalini tantra. Discover the importance of auras, chakras, meridians and biotherapy for an improved balance of the body and spirit.
  • Maintain health in the workplace
    A sedentary lifestyle and long office hours are the cause of numerous health problems of the modern age. Learn to maintain your body through exercises adapted to the office life. The programme includes exercises for a healthy back and posture, stretching one's arms, feet and the carpal tunnel, as well as breathing exercises taken from yoga.
  • Unwind after a hard day
    Feel the soothing effects of healing energy that radiates across the Pannonian plains. Search for the balance of the body and spirit with stress management programmes, yoga and pilates in the embrace of the calming surrounding nature.



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