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Social responsibility

Social responsibility

Social responsibility at Sava Turizem d.d.

  • The promotion of sports and support for sports clubs and events
  • The development of culture and preservation of cultural heritage
  • Care for families and children in need
  • Education and training
  • Nature protection and animal care

Partner cooperation and support for the community

Partner cooperation and support to the community are two of the guiding principles of our operations. At the destinations where we operate, we work with local tourist organisations, tourist societies and numerous other cultural, sports and recreational societies, and voluntary organisations. We assume different roles when doing so: either as initiators and managers of projects searching for local partners to join us or as one of the participating partners; we also frequently act as sponsors providing financial and material support to a multitude of projects.

We work with local providers in both sales and purchasing and therefore encourage them to present and promote their products and services at our capacities. Our guests take part in trips and excursions that we organise in cooperation with external contractors. We devote a lot of attention to the continuous design of an offer that will attract guests from both the local and broader environment to visit us.

In 2016, we allocated more than EUR 70 thousand for sponsorships and donations, i.e. for highly diverse projects in the fields of sports, culture, education, hospitality-tourism, ecology and humanitarian activities.


In sports, we support both young individuals and sports clubs that achieve excellent results on the international stage. We supported the following events and organisations in 2016:
  • Slovenian Table Tennis Association
  • Bled Football Club
  • Sava Hotels Bled has been supporting the activities of the Bled Rowing Club for a number of years.
  • Sava Hotels Bled was the main sponsor of the 39th Golden Lion golf tournament at the Bled Golf Course.  
  • Terme 3000 traditionally provided funding to the municipal sports association, the Moravske Toplice Hockey Club and the Tropovci Sports Society.
  • For a number of years, the Radenci Health Resort has been sponsoring the traditional international Three Hearts Marathon organised by the Radenci Sports Society. The resort also sponsored the National Soft Darts Championship organised by the Dart Association of Slovenia. 
  • Terme Ptuj traditionally supports local swimming clubs and young individuals through the Terme Ptuj Swimming Club and the Kurent Swimming Academy.


Sava Turizem d.d. supports the development of the culture and historical heritage of the destinations where it operates and we thus help to create an attractive cultural offer for our guests and for the local inhabitants. We supported the following projects in 2016:
  • Sava Turizem d.d. sponsored the 2nd INTERNATIONAL BLED FILM FESTIVAL.
  • Terme 3000 - Moravske Toplice sponsored the ethnology event entitled The Scent of Prekmurje, which uniquely ties together the culinary and ethnological tradition and tourism in the region.
  • The Radenci Health Resort provided support to the Wine Queen project.
  • Terme Ptuj traditionally supports the annual Kurentovanje carnival in Ptuj, as well as the Roman Games, both of which effectively preserve and spread the rich cultural heritage and ethnographic tradition of the town and the region. 
  • Terme Ptuj sponsored the Days of Poetry and Wine, the 46th Festival of Folk and Pop Music in Ptuj in 2015, as well as the 8th Arsana Music Festival.  

Humanitarian activity

An important part of our contribution to the community is charity. In 2016, we provided financial support for various humanitarian projects and charitable organisations. One such project is the When It's Christmas, Let It Be so for Everyone organised by Radio City. As part of our services, we also support numerous humanitarian organisations in the area of the destinations where we operate.

Sava Turizem d.d. has been providing support for the Slovenian Association of Friends of Youth for a number of years. Each year, we provide summer vacations at our destinations to families in need and organise daily trips to our swimming pool complexes. In 2016, Sava Turizem d.d. provided family vacations to 10 socially disadvantaged families and made the vacations of 60 children a bit better by taking them on a one-day trip to the resort where they could swim and have fun. Swimming and other services were also provided to a number of local societies and voluntary organisations from the areas where we operate.

We boosted our charitable efforts in 2016 with the Let Us Give Droplets as a Present campaign in the summertime and in December. We invited the members of the Ambassador Sava Hotels & Resorts loyalty programme to participate and their response exceeded our expectations as we gifted more than 600,000 Droplets. We converted the Droplets into overnight stays that were then used by Slovenian families in need until the end of 2016. Just before Christmas, we again worked with the Slovenian Association of Friends of Youth and gave warm tracksuits worth a total of EUR 6,600 as presents to children from socially disadvantaged families who truly needed them.  

Nature protection and animal care

Acting in conjunction with the Bled Tourist Board and the Bled Tourist Association, we are a proud swan custodian, meaning that we provide for their protection and wellbeing. The project for the protection of swans at Bled is also part of the sustainable operations at Bled.

Education and training

We support various professional fields and invest in all levels and forms of education associated with our area of work. Each year, Sava Turizem d.d. supports the trade union of the company, the PGD Moravske Toplice and PGD Radenci-Boračeva volunteer firemen society, the Ptuj Diving Society, and the Gornja Radgona and Radenci Primary Schools.

Awards and achievements

The fact that Sava Hotels & Resorts is the largest and one of the best providers of vacation and leisure experiences in Slovenia is also attested by the numerous awards and accolades received by both the Sava Hotels & Resorts Group and the individual destinations.
Below are just some of the more important achievements in recent years:
The swimming pool complex of Terme Banovci ranks third among medium-sized thermal water swimming pool complexes, while the swimming pool complex of Terme 3000 - Moravske Toplice ranks second among large thermal water swimming pool complexes. The "Best Swimming Pool Complex" competition is organised by the Dobro jutro (Good Morning) TV show of the TV Slovenija national TV station.
The Radenci Health Resort and the Cardial Ljubljana medical centre received the AACI certificate of compliance with the international standards for excellence and the safety of patients, which is conferred by AACI Healthcare.
Terme 3000 - Moravske Toplice received the Trusted Brand title which is awarded according to the guests' reviews.
The Original Bled Cream Cake ice cream prepared at Sava Hotels Bled is named the best in the world by World Ice Cream Index 2016.
Sava Turizem d.d. received the title of Reputable Employer 2016 awarded by the Styria digital marketplaces, d.o.o. company and the brand.
Wellness Terme Banovci won in the category of small centres in The Best Wellness in Slovenia 2015 competition organised by the Dobro jutro (Good Morning) TV show of the TV Slovenija national TV station.
The swimming pool complex of Terme Banovci ranks third among medium-sized thermal water swimming pool complexes, while the swimming pool complex of Terme 3000 - Moravske Toplice ranks second among large thermal water swimming pool complexes. The competition is organised by the Dobro jutro (Good Morning) TV show of the TV Slovenija national TV station.
Sava Turizem d.d. received the Brand Leader 2015 award for the best tourism company in south-eastern Europe.
Camping Bled again ranks among the best Slovenian campsites in the Slovenia-wide 2015 My Country – Beautiful and Hospitable campaign conducted under the auspices of the President of the Republic of Slovenia Borut Pahor.
The portion of Lake Bled in front of the private beach of Grand Hotel Toplice received the white flag. The white flag is a symbol for clean water and lakebed awarded by the Global Under Water Awareness Association (GUWAA).
Jože Pucko, the head of the Livada Golf Course at Terme 3000 - Moravske Toplice received recognition for outstanding achievements in tourism in 2014 at the Slovenian Tourism Days event.

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