About Health Care

Long tradition of healing in harmony with nature

Relishing a wealth of thermal springs, our ancestors expanded their knowledge on using natural factors for medical purposes and shared it with the next generations. Enhanced with modern medical knowledge, this tradition is being continued at Sava Hotels & Resorts destinations. Zdravilišče Radenci is the right destination for cardiovascular health. Boasting unique black thermal mineral water, Terme 3000, Moravske Toplice, offers one of the most extensive sets of therapies for improving health. Terme Ptuj will improve your ease of movement, or visit Terme Lendava to say goodbye to pain and restore your skin to its former vitality.

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Nature, science and dedication for a healthy life

Everything for health and well-being

The unique healing factors in these health resorts are enhanced with modern methods and highly qualified staff. The health resort activities are based on rich tradition and experience: the natural healing properties of the thermal springs were recognised many decades ago. Testifying to their quality and effectiveness are the many guests whose well-being has been restored here and who love to come back year after year. Sava Hotels & Resorts is making sure that the thermal springs will be preserved for future generations.