Family holidays in Slovenia

Family holidays in Slovenia in touch with local environment

Any of Sava Hotels & Resorts's six destinations in Slovenia is ideal for family holidays and kids. With beautiful nature and plenty to do, each resort has its own mascot organising and coordinating activities for children in close relation to local enviroment. Each mascot has a different character and different interests. Each resort offers various activities, inviting guests to experience the fun and individual stories of each destination. Also at Sava Hotels & Resorts we offer best family deals.

SHR mascots

  • Zaki the Swan (Sava Hoteli Bled): encourages respect for nature and outdoor activities.
  • Viki the Stork (Terme 3000, Moravske Toplice): displays a typical Prekmurje joy of life and shows children the unique features and sights of the region.
  • General Primus (Terme Ptuj): shares Roman customs and traditions.
  • Muki the Squirrel (Zdravilišče Radenci): teaches children to respect the environment, tradition and health.
  • Edi the Pirate (Terme Banovci): encourages children's inquisitive spirit.
  • Miha the Knight (Terme Lendava): teaches children about persistence, responsibility and selfless actions.