Živa Wellness

Holistic relaxation for the body and spirit

Arnold Rikli, natural healer and founder of the 19th century health resort in Bled, once wrote: "Our every thought, breath and heartbeat, our every feeling, conviction and movement sends energy signals through the body that influence our entire being." Adopting this thought, Živa Wellness is dedicated to holistic well-being – the wide range of massages, baths, saunas, body and facial treatments will help you relax and enhance your appearance, while the view from the pools over the Bled panorama will give you positive energy. For several years now, Živa Wellness has ranked among Slovenia's best wellness centres.


If you would like to cancel your booked wellness service, please do so one day in advance, otherwise we will be obligated to charge you 50% of the price.

Opening time:

Modified opening time on 24th and 31st December. For more details click here.


Opening time
Mondays - Thursdays, Sundays 7am - 9 pm

Fridays and Saturdays 7 am – 11 pm


Winter opening time
(25.10. - 1.5.)

Sumer opening time
(2.5. - 24.10.)

Mondays - Thursdays 12am –21pm 15pm – 21pm
Friday 12am–23pm 15pm–23pm
Saturday 10am–23pm 12am–23pm
Sunday & holidays 10am–21pm 12am–21pm


Opening time
Monday – Sunday 8am–21pm

  Nega obraza Beauty X press, 40 minut                                          39,90€      -30%   =   27,93€

We would like to inform you that pools and saunas will be closed for maintenance from 11.5. until 22.5.2015. Thank you for your understanding.