Wellness in Bled, Slovenia

The healing power of Bled

People have always believed that Slovenian town Bled and the enchanting nature around it have special healing powers. The best way to experience them is to take a walk in nature and follow it up by taking a dip in the beneficial thermal water in the Živa Wellness or Luisa Studio. You will understand immediately why Arnold Rikli chose Bled of all places to build his famous health resort in the 19th century.

Bled thermal water

Sava Hoteli Bled offers swimming and bathing in healing thermal mineral water. Pools in Živa Wellness are filled with thermal mineral water that has a relaxing effect on the body and eases joint pain, while the minerals have a calming effect on the skin. The Luisa Studio thermal baths are built around a hot spring of healing water; bathing in the water has a positive effect on the cardiovascular and nervous system, while drinking the water soothes the stomach and other internal organs.