The Original Bled cream cake

Our pastry chefs are making this legedary dessert already for 60 years. To celebrate this event we have prepared special novelties. We now offer Family Bled Cream Cake in the size of 4 regular Cream Cakes for the whole family or for the more hungy ones. You can taste it in Park Restaurant and Cafe. More, for the ice cream fans we now produce special ice cream, that tastes just like the Original Bled Cream Cake. Keep in touch with Bled Cream Cake on Facebook!

It would be a sin to leave Bled without tasting the original Bled cream cake!

There are many cream slices, but there is only one original Bled cream cake. The recipe was invented by Ištvan Lukačević; he modified an old Vojvodina recipe for cream slices to make a light and delicate dessert. The original Bled cream cake is recognised as a dish with a protected designation of origin.

Not every cream slice is the original Bled cream cake

Seven, the fairytale number, is the secret behind this legendary dessert. To make the original Bled cream cake, puff pastry is folded seven times and left to rest overnight so it is even lighter when baked in the morning. A light egg custard is boiled for precisely seven minutes before stiffly beaten egg whites are added to it and the mixture is poured over the first layer of delicate puff pastry. The delicious custard cream is topped with a layer of whipped cream and covered with a second layer of puff pastry, which is then dusted with vanilla sugar. The original Bled cream cakes are still made strictly to the recipe perfected by the pastry chef in the 1940s.

DRIVE-IN: order Bled cream cakes from your car!

You can now buy the Original Bled Cream Cake directly from your car. Stop at the DRIVE-IN, situated on the main Bohinj-Bled road next to the Hotel Jadran (opposite the Grand Hotel Toplice). Take a sweet treat home with you or surprise your loved ones.

Two new flavours

To mark the 60th anniversary of the Bled Cream Cake, two new flavours have joined the Original Bled Cream Cake: chocolate and berries. You can find them in the Park Restaurant and Café.