About Terme Banovci, Slovenia

Babicev mlin

The Babič mill in Veržej

The floating mill on the Mura is just a short walk from Terme Banovci. Other sights include the DUO handicraft centre and the Marianum institute with the Fran Kovačič and Slavko Osterc memorial rooms.

Cebelarski muzej

The Beekeeping Museum in Krapje

A visit to the Krapje Beekeeping Museum includes a demonstration of old honey production methods and a tasting of honey and honey products.

Grajsko Goricko

Grad Castle and Goričko

A visit to the beautiful Goričko region includes a tour of the Grad Castle and herbal gardens, as well as a stop at an agritourism farm where visitors can enjoy a snack and glass of wine.


Harness racing in Ljutomer

Harness racing and other horse races are a part of life in Prlekija. Horse races are the highlight of Sunday afternoons in the summer.

Jeruzalemske gorice

Ljutomer and the Jeruzalem wine-growing region

On a visit to Ljutomer and the Jeruzalem wine-growing region, guests are shown around the town of Ljutomer and the Žuman pottery workshop, followed by a tour of Jeruzalem and wine tasting.


Orchids and the Dobrovnik tropical garden

Guests are shown around the orchid and tropical garden. Dobrovnik also sells a variety of tropical plants that are a real treat to look at.

Bozicna vas

Banovci at Christmas

The Banovci springs of thermal mineral water gave rise to the development of tourism, which is at the focus of village life today. This is best experienced in the run-up to Christmas, when the locals decorate their homes and the guests take part in choosing the most beautifully decorated house.


3 Termalni vrelci

Thermal springs in the former Pannonian Sea

Terme Banovci is situated where the Pannonian Sea flowed millions of years ago. A number of thermal springs can still be found here today. Rich in fluoride, the thermal water in Terme Banovci is known to alleviate rheumatic conditions and improve health after surgery on the musculoskeletal system. Terme Banovci is distinguished by Prlekija's playful, hospitable and homely character, which comes through in everything from the decorations and interior design to the friendliness of the staff.

Razigrane Druzinske Pocitnice

Playful family vacations

Terme Banovci is famous for organising entertainment programmes that leave guests with unforgettable memories of their family vacation. Children join the Banovci pirates in discovering local sights and playing in the water park, while parents relax in the wellness centre and enjoy some time off. Outside the summer season, the warm and welcoming character of Terme Banovci attracts plenty of older visitors who sometimes bring their grandchildren along to enjoy the thermal springs and local cuisine.

2 Nastanitev

Small, homely and hospitable

Hotel Zeleni gaj is the central hotel in Terme Banovci. Small and with hospitable staff, the hotel is suitable for families and older guests alike. The Zeleni gaj Hotel Village comprises a cluster of small houses with double rooms and beautiful views of the diverse Prlekija landscape. Guests staying at Sončni gaj Camping enjoy access to the same services available to hotel guests. A distinguishing feature of Terme Banovci is Sončni gaj Naturist Camping, Europe's first naturist campsite with access to thermal springs.